Petite Pets
2385 New York Avenue
Huntington Station,
New York 11746
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About Petite Pets Puppy Boutique

Petite pets puppies was founded in 1983 .  It was a dream come true for me to have a puppy boutique with just toy breeds that I own and love and to make it so unique.  The puppies are my empty nest syndrome since I think of them as my children.  My goal for petite pets in 1983 was forecasting the future of the pet industry that many people are just catching up to now. I created petite pets from my heart to give the puppies the best environment possible, and to treat them as well or better than most people treat their children, for they are my children “my empty nest syndrome” 
Petite Pets is my home that my husband and I share with our six yorkies and three Maltese.  The puppies have their own nursery in their own cribs with the best possible care.

Petite Pets specializes in three breeds, Yorkies, Maltese, and Shihtzu’s. We also cross-breed Yorkies and Maltese to make a Morkie. We cross-breed Yorkies and Shihtzu’s to make Shorkies. The final cross-breed is a combination Maltese with Shihtzu’s to make a Shitese.

We have been working with our breeders since 1996 exclusively. All breeding is done with the upmost integrity. They do not inbreed or over-breed. They especially do not re-breed any congenital problems. Petite Pets puppies are double vet checked with a full health record and shots.  

What makes us stand apart is our vigilant concern for the proper placement of our puppies. Petite Pets has the reputation of denying the sale of dogs to people who would not have the proper home environment for these special Toy Breeds. Certain breeds require more attention as puppies to grow up healthy and well adjusted. Other dangers such as aggressive animals and small children can also endanger their well being. That is why Petite Pets screens every future family to insure the best possible home for each of the three breeds.

Our Shihtzu’s and Shihtzu cross-breeds are considered our family breeds. They are perfect for families with children over the age of three and other non-aggressive household pets.

Petite Pets is a fully stocked unique boutique for Toy Breeds. We carry everything your pet can dream of. We have the latest styles of fashions to keep your pet in style such as designer sweaters, coats, dresses, seasonal costumes, carry bags, car seats, beds, accessories, collars, harnesses, and much more.