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Petite Pets Puppies

Our Concierge Puppy Purchasing Experience


We know that bringing home a puppy is a bit stressful. There's lots of questions about training, vaccinations, possibly integrating a new puppy with one that you may have home. Those are just a few of the many questions potential puppy buyers have.


Petite Pets ensures that your puppy experience is a smooth and easy one.


We spend as much time as you need to discuss everything you need to know about bringing home a puppy.

Potty training; whether it's housebreaking, pee pad or multi-training your puppy.

Where you keep a puppy upon bringing them home, and where they will sleep soundly.


We discuss food, nutrition, vaccination schedules tailored to your puppy's exposure.


Our puppy boutique has everything you will need to take home your new family member making the transition an easy and successful one.


Recommended veterinary services | Pet insurance suggestions and

Where to board if needed for your new fur baby.

Once we are finished, you will feel totally confident and ready to take your new puppy home.


We wish you, your family and your new addition many years of licks, laughter and unconditional love.

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Our History

Petite Pets Puppy Boutique was founded in 1983, by Barbara Maple. 


Her vision was to have a puppy boutique with only toy breeds, and to provide them with a loving, nurturing environment.  She made a nursery for them with cribs, where they had other puppies to play with and gave them the best possible care. 


Specializing in only toy breeds, Barbara not only set herself apart from the other puppy stores, but she also demonstrated a love for these puppies that she felt were like her children.


Barbara had a vigilant concern for the proper placement of the puppies, as certain breeds require more attention as puppies to grow up healthy and well adjusted. Petite pets is unique in that it screens every future family to insure the best possible home for each puppy.



Petite Pets has been working with the same breeder, Ann Lord since 1996 (Jo Baldwin was another breeder, but retired several years ago). 


All breeding is done with the utmost integrity.  They do not inbreed or over-breed.


They especially do not re-breed any congenital problems.


Her facility has always had excellent inspection reports and is compliant with all regulatory entities.


Before coming to us, they are double vetted with a full health record and vaccinations.

WE ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY | Please Call The Store To Book An Appointment

Petite Pets Puppy Boutique

2385 New York Ave

Huntington Station, NY 11746

(631) 424-6262

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