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About Us

In April, 2016, Dr. Alison Rhein decided to purchase Petite Pets.  She has been providing veterinary care for Petite Pets for over 16 years and did not want the legacy of what Barbara built to be lost, and to be able to continue to offer quality AKC Yorkies, Maltese, and Shih tzus, as well as adorable quality designer breeds.  She plans on continuing Barbara’s passion for the welfare of these puppies and making sure they are well taken care of while in our care and when they go to their forever home.


Dr. Ali, as she is familiarly called, is busy being a doggy Dr.  She needed to find someone she trusted to “run the shop.” She was fortunate to have her best friend, Lisa Caiazzo, a dog lover (parent to 2 rescue dogs, Carmine and Sammi) and former business owner, join the team and oversee the operation of Petite Pets.  Lisa loves the puppies and makes sure that all of them get kissed when she comes in.  She is integral in continuing Petite Pets’ great reputation in providing healthy and happy puppies, and making sure we continue to place these puppies in only the best forever homes.

Dr. Ali and Lisa, as well as the rest of the staff at Petite Pets are committed to continuing the legacy that is Petite Pets.


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