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All About the Yorkie-Poo - Yorkie and Poodle Mix


The Yorkie-Poo is a small and lovable dog that is known for being a hybrid. Yorkshire Terriers were bred with Poodles to create this specific dog breed. These pups have a lifespan of around 15 years and will typically weigh no more than 10 pounds throughout their lifetime. Despite their small size, they have a loud bark, but they are loving and protective of their companions.


Families of all sizes can benefit from bringing a Yorkie-Poo home. These dogs tend to get along well with everyone, including young children that are generally known for being a bit rough with pets. These dogs like to run around and play games with their companions, but they can also take it easy and like to relax while snuggling up on the couch or the bed. One thing Yorkie-Poo owners may notice is that these dogs have fantastic hearing and will usually start barking if they hear someone or something strange happening around them.


The Yorkie-Poo does require plenty of attention in a loving home. These dogs like to spend time with their family and enjoy going out for walks, running around in the grass, and even being carried around with their owners to different places. They make the perfect pets for experienced dog owners as well as novice pet owners that have never owned a dog before.


Training these pups is not that difficult. The Yorkie-Poo breed is extremely intelligent and can quickly get the hang of different commands, especially when treats are involved. However, these dogs are a bit stubborn, so it is important to have some patience during the training phase. When the Yorkie-Poo is bored with the activity, it has no problem letting its owners know.


It is possible to have a Yorkie-Poo living in a home with several other animals, but it is important to socialize these pups from an early age. With proper socialization around humans and animals, along with persistent training, the Yorkie-Poo quickly becomes a well-behaved dog that will bring a lot of love and joy into any home.


The Yorkie-Poo is a great choice for anyone looking to bring a small dog home. These dogs are adorable, extremely intelligent, and quite active. They love cuddling with their owners and being properly cared for. In return, they are always on alert and will keep watch over the entire family. Overall, they are small dogs with huge hearts.


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