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Maltese Puppies


Maltese puppies are small dogs with white fur that belong to the Toy Group. These dogs typically weigh less than nine pounds, although most will weigh even less than that throughout the duration of their lives. While one would assume that these dogs shed regularly and get fur all over the home, they typically do not shed much at all, especially when they are properly maintained and groomed on a routine basis. Some Maltese dogs have curly fur, but most will have straight, long fur that looks smooth and silky. The breed is great for those with allergies because Maltese pups are considered hypoallergenic. 


Those who love dogs with lots of energy will enjoy owning a Maltese. The breed is playful and has a lot of energy. Although they love to play around and have fun, they do not require nearly as much exercise as many of the other dog breeds, which means they can strive in an apartment without having access to a yard to run around in.


Maltese dogs are known for being friendly and lovable. Once they bond with their family, they want to be around them all the time and might even experience a bit of separation anxiety when their owners go to work, school, or leave the home to do something else. They simply love being around people. Not only are they good with most people, but they are often good with other pets and could potentially flourish in a home with other animals.


It is important for dog owners to know that the Maltese breed does not do well in the cold. When taking these dogs out during the cold winter weather, it is best to dress them in a coat made specifically for small animals to keep them warm and comfortable. While they are not too fond of the cold weather, the warmer weather does not bother these pups as much. 


Because the Maltese dogs are rather intelligent, it does not take much time or effort to train them to follow different commands. They will bark here and there, but they are not known for being loud in general. In fact, Maltese pups usually only bark when they are overly excited or feeling anxious about something.


Anyone who wants a dog that is lovable, easy to train, and extremely affectionate would enjoy having a Maltese at home. These pups make great companions and they tend to live healthy, long lives. They are beautiful, playful, and lots of fun to be around.


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