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All About The Morkie - Maltese And Yorkie Mix


The Morkie is cross between the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds. This a very happy go lucky breed of dog and has a very playful nature that can be highly entertaining and cute. It is the ideal lapdog and companion and doles out plenty of love and affection.


The breed is long hair which means that regular grooming, trimming and bathing will be required although not as much as some other miniature dog breeds. A bonus is that their coat is hypoallergenic which means that it is unlikely to cause allergies or aggravate allergies in humans who have a dog allergy. Tearing can occur and it is important to keep the eye area clean.


The dogs are playful but not high energy which means that they will require minimum amounts of exercise and playtime relative to their size. However, they will get bored if they are not exercised and played with regularly and can also quickly become quite emotionally dependent on one owner requiring lots and lots of love, affection and attention. They are ideally suited to homes with adults only - preferably a single owner home or a couple.


The Morkie is highly adaptable which means that it should have no trouble getting along with other pets in the home, including cats. Although they can be full of confidence and display some attitude, overall, they are very friendly and have an amenable temperament. Their confidence can also make them quite fearless at times.


Morkies characteristically have very big appetites and can eat their own weight in food if they are allowed to do so. This can result in weight and health problems and diet will need to be carefully monitored. Health issues that are attributed to both parent breeds may also be an issue in the Morkie as these conditions are not bred out when the two breeds are crossed.


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