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All About The Poosh - A Shih-Tzu And Poodle Mix


Why Poosh Puppies Make Great Pets

Everyone loves cute and lovable little puppies, but some breeds grow out of the cute puppy stage within a few months. Poosh puppies are a cross between two small breeds; the Shih Tzu and the Poodle. The are actually very similar in looks and behavior to the Shih Tzu, but tend to display the higher intelligence of the Poodle. These fluffy little balls of love will not outgrow their adorable appearance and enjoy the active lifestyle of families with children.

Like the parent breeds, Poosh Puppies do not shed excessively, but they do need weekly brushing to prevent their coat from becoming matted. Some owners prefer to take their pet to a groomer for bathing, nail clipping and clipping the hair around their eyes. It is also important to wipe the hair around their mouth after eating since wet food can stain their fur and cause them to look dirty. Miniature poodles and also Shih Tzu's can develop serious dental problems, so they should have their teeth brushed at least three times each week.

Although Poosh Puppies are relatively small, they do enjoy being active and playing with toys. They are excellent family pets, but young children should be closely supervised and understand a puppy or small dog can be injured with rough play. Since the breed is quite intelligent, potty training is not usually difficult. Obedience school training is beneficial for this breed as well as any dog breed, but not necessary if the owner is committed to spending time using proper training techniques.

Both Poodle and Shih Tzu breeds are relatively healthy, but annual veterinary visits are necessary to ensure the proper vaccinations are up-to-date and any health issues are identified as soon as possible. Small dogs enjoy a longer lifespan than larger breeds, and this is an important benefit in the eyes of loving owners.

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