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Getting to Know More About the Shih-Tzu

Shih-Tzus are lovable small dogs that tend to weigh less than 20 pounds after reaching adulthood. This dog breed has a life expectancy of up to 16 years, but many of these beautiful dogs tend to live even longer healthier lives. These animals are often a mixture of a few different colors, including white, black, gold, and even brindle. These furry animals are lots of fun and they are best known for being loyal animals that love their owners.

When looking for a dog that is good with adults, children, and other animals in the home, Shih-Tzus are a great choice. These friendly animals tend to get along with just about everyone and everything. They are not fierce animals and do not like confrontation. In fact, they are the exact opposite and simply prefer to have a good time with their family while going out on walks, playing games of tug-o-war, and even running around in the grass in the backyard.

Not only are they well-behaved around the people and animals they know, but the Shih-Tzus are also good when they are around strangers. They do not have the tendency to bark a lot. These animals are smart but may need some extra help when it comes to training. As long as the owner is persistent with teaching commands, these animals will get the hang of following the rules in no time. Although these animals are quite playful, they do not need to get as much exercise as some other dogs, which means owners can skip walks if need be without negatively impacting their dog.

Shih-Tzu dogs are known for their unique personalities. In fact, they are often described as spunky animals that are full of love and life. They enjoy showing affection to their owners and being around both people and animals. Although they do have a good time being around others, these dogs can handle staying home alone for a few hours while their owners are at work. The Shih-Tzu will usually not act out just because its owner is not home for a bit.

Shih-Tzus have long hair, clever minds, and great personalities. This dog breed is perfect for anyone, whether they live in a large house or apartment and have kids or other pets. They can bring a lot of joy to those that choose to adopt or purchase them because of their loyalty, cleverness, and intelligence.

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