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All About the Shitese/Malshi - Maltese And Shih-Tzu Mix


About Shitese Puppies

A "Shitese" (Shih Tzu and Maltese) puppy is a fascinating dog.

Also known as Mal-Shi or Malte-Tzu, this breed is unique and comes with a wonderful selection of characteristics.

Characteristics of a Shitese Puppy:

Great with Children
Great with Other Pets
Black, Chocolate, Gold, and White-Red Fur
Easy to Train
Long Coat
Incredibly Friendly Disposition
Ideal for First Time Dog Owners

In general, a Shitese puppy will take characteristics from both parents.

This means they will have a unique coat depending on their genes. Some puppies will have a black-dominant coat while others are going to have a beautiful blend of chocolate and white.

When it comes to their size, a Shitese puppy is going to weigh approximately 6-12 pounds.  It's important to note the puppy's size is often dependent upon its parents' size. The average Maltese weighs 4-7 pounds, while a Shih Tzu can settle somewhere between 9-15 pounds.

Maintenance can take time to master with a Shitese puppy as they have a long coat. This means they require regular brushing to avoid matting. It's best to invest in a high-quality brush to make sure their fur is in good condition year-round. As long as you do this, the experience can be a fun-filled one.

One of the underrated advantages of a Shitese puppy is its lack of shedding. It's rare to find puppy hairs on the couch as they roam around from room to room. While they do lose hairs and it's important to groom them, a Shitese puppy is generally manageable when it comes to making a mess around the house.

By going with a Shitese puppy, you are going to have a wonderful time with a new bundle of joy. They are friendly, loyal, and can be easy-going with people of all ages.


Want to learn more about the Shitese, or want to see one in person?

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