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All About Shorkies: Shih Tzu And Yorkie Mix


The mixed breed that you get between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkie is the adorable Shorkie. This is a small puppy with a big attitude, as the Shorkie has the physical characteristics of a miniature toy but the feisty mental characteristics that give him quite the personality. This is a defining trait given to the Shorkie due to the strong terrier genetics he gets from his Yorkie side. 


If you enjoy fuzzy animals, you're in luck, as the Shorkie sports long hair. They do shed and their hair can get oily and tangled easily, however, so they will find their perfect home with a family that is okay with regular grooming and baths to keep them glossy and in tip-top shape. 


The Shorkie is a pup with quite a bit of energy, which makes them the perfect little friend for someone who can devote a lot of time to them. Your Shorkie will be the perfect playtime and exercise companion, and be sure to have quite the collection of toys on hand for your furry friend to enjoy! You'll be tickled pink watching your little puppy play and interact with the whole family. These are loyal dogs, and as they are quick to announce an intruder, serve as great watchdogs as well. 


You will want to keep your little doggy in great health and be sure to take him to receive regular check-ups. One thing to watch out for with the Shorkie is dental issues. This can be managed, however, by adding teeth cleaning to his grooming regimen. 


One excellent trait of this little puppy is that he will, in general, get along great with other dogs in the home. In fact, more furry friends in the home may help relieve him of some of his energy and give him ample playtime. He is likely to want to take charge, though, so he is the perfect addition to the home with good-natured, laid back pups. 


So if you are looking for a loyal little pup with a big personality, an adorable Shorkie may be the perfect companion for you. Stop by at Petite Pets today to see a Shorkie in person.

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