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All About Maltese Puppies

Maltese dogs are a small dog breed. These affectionate animals are known for their long, white fur and playfulness. The average male weighs around 8.8 pounds and the average female weighs the same. Because they are so lightweight they are the perfect lapdogs and are easy to carry around from one place to the next. These dogs often enjoy going out with their family members and may even love taking trips to the local dog park where they can run around and use up some of their energy.

The average Maltese is friendly, affectionate, and loving. It is the perfect breed for someone who has never owned a pet and is just getting the hang of being around a dog 24/7. In addition to being a perfect choice for new dog owners, these animals are perfect for families with children. They are sensitive animals that do not necessarily like being left alone so it is good to bring them into a home where they can receive lots of love and attention throughout the day and night. Maltese dogs are known to get along quite well with other animals in the home, so bringing them into a home with other pets should not be a problem.

Although these dogs are quite friendly, they are usually a bit skeptical when it comes to strangers. They will need to get to know a person before fully trusting in that person. They are protective of their family and want to make sure their loved ones are safe and secure. Overall, they are truly honorable and loyal dogs that make for great companions for adults and children.

When it comes to training a Maltese, the process is rather simple. These dogs are smart, quick to learn, and they aim to please their loved ones. They respond very well to their owners and will follow commands when they are taught to do so. These dogs do not bark too much, but they are playful and are going to want to have some fun with their owners.

Maltese puppies are a top choice for anyone looking for a small dog that is a lot of fun. These dogs are friendly, gentle, and affectionate. When they receive the best care from their loved ones, they become extremely loyal and will try to protect their family to the best of their ability. Their bodies are small but these dogs have such huge hearts.

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