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Why Are Puppies Are So Irresistible?

Pet parents can all agree that puppies are irresistibly cute. Most of them will site such cuteness as the reason they decided to let them into their homes. While the irresistibility may be attributed to the friendship that dogs and humans have had over the years, evolution and genetics also play their part. Whatever the reason, your little canine bestie will get you doing anything for them with a single instance of staring or tail wagging. Most pet lovers find Yorkshire Terriers the cutest, but the same could be said for other breeds as well.

Wondering why you can’t help but cuddle or play with your puppy? Here’s why.

Physical Attributes

There’s everything likable about pups, and that majorly goes down to their physical features. First off, their big bright eyes are always inviting pet owners to another playing session or petting session. Their eyes are just hypnotizing, and they almost know that since they will get you to do anything for them just by giving you that long stare.

The floppy ears in some breeds also make them adorable. Yorki-poos, Malshipoo, and Malti-Poo puppies have notably droopy ears that complement their cute faces. Scientists believe that pups have evolved to mimic most of the loveable features on babies’ faces – no wonder the irresistibility!

Shih-Tzu, Malshipoo, Poosh, and Maltese puppies are known for their fluffy bodies, which makes them soft to the touch. These soft and round bodies, therefore, make them huggable and give pet owners a reason to play with them.

Biological Factors

Scientists have established that the secret behind the irresistible puppy eyes could lie in biological factors. Particularly, scientists found out that gazing results in a spike of the hormone oxytocin.

In humans, this hormone helps develop a bond between a mother and her child and is produced whenever she looks at her baby or hears the baby crying, and helps greatly with breastfeeding. Scientists attribute the strong bond between puppies and their owners to this hormone since it has been observed in both dogs and their owners after playing or petting.

Playful Traits

Puppies possess a playful trait, and their owners can’t help but give their canine companions in a short playtime. Morkie and Shorkie puppies are especially known for their playful habits, which may explain why they are loved, especially by pet owners with kids at home. Such pet owners will often get smooches from these pups, especially when they lie on their couch or in bed.

Physical attributes such as big bright eyes, floppy ears, and fluffy bodies make puppies irresistible. What’s more, biological factors and their playful traits also contribute to their likability and irresistibility.

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