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Why Having A Puppy Is Good For People Suffering From Anxiety And/ Or Depression

Man’s best friend has evolved to understand humans in a wide variety of ways that most people do not appreciate. What’s even more under appreciated is the range of positive effects humans accrue from being around dogs. While we are all familiar with the burst of warmth we get inside when we see our furry best friends wagging their tails and grinning with joy, many people do appreciate the extent of positive effects that come with having a dog.

Importantly, many of the positive effects of having a puppy help individuals suffering from anxiety and/or depression deal with their ailments. For instance, research has shown that an animal-human interaction (such as playing with your dog) has positive changes to the physiological well-being of both the human and animal. One such positive change is a reduction in physiological stress (anxiety and fear) while also increasing your oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. In a nutshell, having a dog and interacting with him or her will help you relax and stay calm. Depending on the species of your dog, you will need to facilitate some physical activities for your dog. This might be a simple walk for the relatively dormant species or a jog or run for the more active dogs. This means you have to get out of the house and engage your body in physical activities daily. Physical activities are especially crucial for individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. It improves your overall health, helps improves your metabolism, and helps you deter weight issues. A dog also comes in handy when dealing with depression and anxiety as he or she imparts some structure and routine to your life. Caring for your dog requires that you plan for his/her feeding times, exercises, a visit to the vet, and much more. All of these small elements help you create a routine and structure to your life, which, in turn, helps you deal with overall anxiety and depression. Moreover, even when you are not in a position to play with your dog, the companionship will offer you comfort. Cuddling or simply stroking your dog can help lower stress and blood pressure. This, in turn, will ease your anxiety and depression, build-up your self-confidence and ultimately, help you lead a healthier life. Numerous positives come with owning a dog. If you are dealing with depression and anxiety, a furry friend in the form of a Shi-Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, Shorkies, Malti-Poo, Yorki-Poo, Malshipoo, Poosh or Shi-Poo, Shitese, or Morkies will help you a great deal.

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