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3 Ways To Keep Your Petite Puppy Happy And Healthy

Who doesn’t love small dog breeds, such as the lively Yorkie and Morkie? They are fun to be with, portable and the perfect pet for everyone. The best thing about them is how easy they are to travel with, snuggle with at night, and play around with on a sunny afternoon. However, as much as these petite puppies are smaller in size as compared to their other counterparts, they need as much care and attention to be healthy and live long. Below are some of the tips you could follow to ensure your Maltese, Poosh, or other little doggies are happy and healthy.

Practice Good Dental Care

No one wants to break the bank to take care of their pet’s dental bills because they practiced bad dental hygiene. To prevent this, it is advised for you to start brushing their teeth as soon as possible. You could begin gradually by getting a small toothbrush and start with the first one or two teeth, as you increase, with time. Within no time, you will be able to brush all their teeth.

Proper Nutrition

You will need to feed your puppy the right kind of food, and in the right amount, to ensure that they are healthy and maintain a healthy weight, hence extending their lifespan. Ensure that they eat a balanced diet and if possible, get advised by a veterinarian on whether or not they need any additional supplements. These dogs, however small, usually have big appetites; hence, ensure that you give them enough food. It is advised to get dog food that is sized for small jaws, to ensure that they are comfortable eating.


You may assume that your Shorkie does not need as much exercise as their bigger counterparts, but that is further from the truth. On the contrary, these small breeds need the same; if not more workout, since they are very active and have a lot of stamina. You can take them for regular walks and play some fetch with them, or even give them toys to play with, for their mental stimulation. To keep them safe, you could get them a collar that is adequately sized and secure for them.

When it comes to petite dogs, you must note that small does not mean that it has less responsibility. You will need a lot of time, energy, and patience to keep them healthy and happy; but you will love it. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself one!

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