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Exciting Fun Activities To Do With Your Puppy

There is never a dull day when you have a puppy, as you will be running be around doing fun things. Whether you are doing it just for fun or burning off calories, you will enjoy it. If you feel that you have tried everything with your Morkies or Shorkies, and feel that you are out of ideas, worry not! You have come to the right place. Below are some of the fantastic fun activities that you can do with your puppy. You can try playing the flirt pole game as a fun activity. A flirt pole is a great activity, especially for Yorkies, since they are rattling dogs. This makes them relate to their natural prey drive. All you have to do is to move the lure around in circles and let the puppy chase it. Tease them while running to activate their need to chase prey. This is also an excellent activity for a Maltese puppy. Another exciting activity that you can partake in is swimming. Yes, most puppies love water, and they will enjoy the experience. You can even buy them a life jacket to keep them safe. Maltese love water, and they will enjoy this experience. To make it even more fun, you can play fetch with them on water. To do this, throw some toys that can float, such as children’s bath toys on the water. Once this is done, turn your Maltese loose and watch it play. Another fun activity that you can partake in is to give your puppy a soothing massage. This will be a brilliant way to bond with your Yorkie, Shi-Poo, Malshipoo, and Malti-Poo. They will enjoy the experience, and it will also help them soothe their potential problems, such as sore spots. It is advised to use gentle motions on the puppy to help them feel relaxed and comfortable. You can also use this opportunity to groom them. When it comes to fun activities to do with your dog, there is an endless list. With the above points, you will be off to a great start. Doing these activities will also help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you will be up and down, playing with your puppy. However, it is advised to take caution when excising your puppy during the first year of its life, as the bones are still developing. Therefore, start slow and progress from there.

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