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All About The Morkie

The Morkie is a noted crossbreed of a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. This breed is renowned for being easy-going, smart, and versatile making it a wonderful choice for smaller homes and apartments.

When it comes to its personality, the Morkie is playful and loves being around its owner. For anyone that loves showing affection, this is a breed that laps it up every second it can. Since this is a smaller breed, it doesn't require additional exercise and can build relationships with other dogs without much effort.  

The breed is also known for being easy to carry around without lacking personality. This makes them fun to be around as they continue to display confidence and passion every day. Their size tends to settle somewhere between 7-10" but the female Morkie can be smaller coming in at approximately 6-8". As for their weight, the male Morkie comes in at 6-12 lbs. while a female Morkie is measured to be 4-8 lbs.

Their lifespan is generally around 10-15 years depending on how active and healthy they are. It's best to set up a proper routine and diet to make sure they lead healthier lives and get more out of their day-to-day lives. Potential long-term health issues that may arise as the dog ages include glaucoma, cataracts, tear stains, reverse sneezing, and tracheal collapse.

Since this breed is great for smaller homes and apartments, it doesn't require more than 10-20 minutes of leisurely walking. This is more than enough activity for the Morkie to stay content. They love a good mental challenge from time to time and that makes them ideal for teaching new tricks.

It's also important to note the Morkie requires 200-300 calories per day to maintain weight and stay healthy. However, this number increases up to 300-500 calories as they mature and become full-sized adults.

Learn more about Morkies here, or come in to Petite Pets to see one in person.

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